Black Sails, Season 2 – “IX”

black sails - season 2

black sails - season 2

This past weekend saw the return of Michael Bay‘s Black Sails. Season 2 started off by revealing a new pirate, Captain Ned Low. He’s a newcomer to Nassau, and he seems to be a “civilized” pirate, but that’s not what you think when he kills off the entire crew of a merchant ship and sends the ship to Davy Jones. Shift back to Captain Flint and crew, and we find Flint alive on a beach. If you saw Season 1’s last episode, then you’ll know exactly why Captain Flint and crew wound up beached. Captain Flint and John Silver learn that they’re going to be tried and hung for their “scheme” of a false fortune and giving the crew a false hope of making it rich, along with the death of three major characters.

But as always, Flint always has a few tricks up his sleeve to get his crew behind him. Going back to the wrecked Maria Aleyne, we learn that there’s a Spanish warship watching over the coast. Lo and behold, this happens to be the exact same warship that demolished the Walrus. Flint has this brilliant plan, or though it seems, to take over that ship. If only he could get one more volunteer, and of course it’s going to be John Silver, and together they swim to the ship and enter through the crew quarters. While sneaking around to the deck, Silver decides he wants the whistle so he can gain access to the crow’s nest. He figures instead of surprising the man, why not just get him to come down. Unfortunately, Flint ends up getting in a fight with the man in the crow’s nest and alerts the rest of the crew.

Flashback, and we see a young Flint from when he was with the Royal Navy. This is obviously before he turns roles and becomes one of the most feared pirates. You see him conversing with Thomas Hamilton and a younger Miranda Barlow. My guess is that there will be more of these key scenes because we have to learn the relationship between Flint and Barlow. We have a good idea since there’s a secret relationship between the two of them from the previous season.

Flash forward to the present, and we have Miss Guthrie conversing with Captain Charles Vane. She’s disappointed with his role as “protector” of the island. He wanted to control the island and take over Benjamin Hornigold’s position. Of course, we can’t forget about the brothel. Rackham and Max are working together to make the brothel a better place. For some reason Max and Anne Bonny are still butting heads.

Flashback to Flint and we now have a warship. While being interrogated, they somehow get free after a nice scuffle and Flint spilling the beans. During this whole time, Flint’s crew has been secretly getting ready to attack the ship. With the crew’s help, they sail off to sea with their newly acquired ship. Now I’ve basically told you enough, but I’ll leave you with one more thought: Silver knows that Flint plans on going back to the beach to claim his fortune. Do we see that happen next episode? We’ll find out.

Black Sails airs on Starz, Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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