Heavy Montreal 2014: Day 2 Liveblog

Heavy Montreal 2014 - Day 2

In addition to keeping you all updated with photos of Day 2 at Heavy Montreal 2014, today we’ll also get our live blog rolling at 1:30 p.m. with Death Angel, and we’ll keep it rolling from there. This is the page to keep checking back frequently because you’ll get the daily scoop like you were right here standing in our shoes.

We might not be able to cover all the bands scheduled to take flight today, but we’ll guarantee you the following bands: Nashville Pussy, Epica, Body Count, Twisted Sister, Lamb of God, and Slayer. From time to time, we’ll be hitting the smaller stages to flood your brain with updates on band like Alestorm and Nepentes.

Heavy Montreal: Day 2 starts right here, right now!

Death Angel – 1:30

1:39 – Death Angel hits the stage!
1:36 – Finish playing “left for dead” – drummer Will Carroll wearing Kreator shirt.
1:40 – Mark drinks some blue liquor and cheers to the crowd. Introduces “Claws In so Deep”
1:58 – Mark wants to see some energy. Tells Montreal it knows what real music is… crowd goes nuts… the pit intensifies… new song “The Dream Calls For Blood”
2:04 – “Mustress of Pain” – going back to Ultraviolence
2:09 – “ultraviolence” fuck yeah!

Nashville Pussy

Nashville Pussy -2:00

2:00 nashville Pussy takes the stage; plays “she’s got the gun”; the metal crowd likes it but isn’t sure what to do to this dirty southern goodness
2:25 – I think a chicken fence should be put up in front of the band and we should throw beer at them. All in good fun of course!
2:30 – Finish playing “the south is too fat to rise again” awesome; now “give me more”

Exodus – 2:15

2:10 – sadly had to leave Nashville Pussy to catch Exodus.
2:15 – arrived for Steve Souza to introduce “War is my Shepard”
2:53 – Soyza wearing a t-shirt with a graphic from the movie The Mummy.
2:53 – introduce closer “strike of the beast” – mosh pit goes fucking insane

Epica – 3:00

3:00 – Epica takes the stage early, swapping places with Symphony X
3:30 – Simone announces Epica will return to Montreal this year with Machine Head


Body Count – 4:30

4:35 – Rushed to catch BC. Just finished second song, “bow to the devil” – hell yeah
1:35 – “manslaughter” – new song from new album – title track
1:43 – old fuckin school with “there goes the neighborhood” – ice t tells fans to “move the fuckin pit” – and to put the “hell horns in the air”

Body Count

Nashville Pussy – Interview

5:30 – We shared a shot of whiskey with and interviewed Nashville Pussy. Awesome, totally cool group of people. I just want to hang out with and party with them.

Bad Religion – 6:00

6:00 – Bad Religion takes the stage and plays, well, their popular songs.

Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister – 7:00

7:12 – After two killer openers, TS breaks into “Don’t Let Me Down”
7:16 – Dee in white pants and black shirt introduces band as original members emphasizing that Whitesnake isn’t akk original
7:18 – Dee says it’s hard to get original members together, saying French brought a gun to rehersals
7:22 – Dee wearing a shirt that says “Stop Taking Selfies” – we could’t agree more
7:23 – TS to play Stay Hungry in entirety
7:29 – 35,000 people chant “we’re not gonna take it”
7:35 – “The Price” and tits… keep it up ladies!!
7:40 – “Burn in Hell” oh fuck yeah!
7:53 – Dee says “100% of the world would rather fuck than rock” after leading a chant of “i wanna fuck”

Lamb of God - Heavy Montreal 2014

Lamb of God – 8:00

8:03 – Drumb rolls kick in – Randy Blythe is back as norm (vocals are off the chart)
8:09 – The crowd has fully moved over to watch Lamb of God
8:11 – Two songs completed – Randy is preaching about his past issues in Europe
8:15 – Playing a classic from Sacrament
8:25 – Drummer Chris Adler is skin bashing like it’s their last live show – Heavy MTL rules!!!
8:28 – Randy gives a shout out to Body Count
8:32 – First show in 6 months (since last one in Africa) “Good to be back” – Randy
8:34 – Performing “The Undertow”
9:00 – 15 minutes left until Slayer hits the main stage

Slayer (Kerry King) – Heavy Montreal 2014

Slayer – 9:15

9:25 – Wrapped up Aleastorm interview
9:35 – Missed beginning of Slayer, but we caught up with them during South of Heaven – Mandatory Suicide
9:40 – “We are important to the process of these shows” – Tom Araya
9:42 – Performing War Ensemble from Season in the Abyss
9:47 – Never thought Captor of Sin could sound so new
10:00 – Gary Holt (Exodus) killing it on guitar
10:05 – Inverted red crosses behind Kerry King are bloody cool
10:00 – Playing a song off Seasons of the Abyss – no shame with drummer Paul Bostaph
10:17 – Slayer brings the evil with Seasons of the Abyss – fuck yeah!
10:25 – Holt showing off his Exodus wrist band
10:30 – Ed Gein hits the stage – Dead Skin Mask
10:40 – Lots of old school metal – back with South of Heaven
10:50 – Still reigning (Angel of Death), RIP Jeff Hanneman
10:52 – It’s a wrap! Thank you Heavy Montreal 2014

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