Heavy Montreal 2014: Three Days Grace [Interview] – “I Am Machine,” But Gimme TUMS

Canada’s own Three Days Grace rocked their Native Land at Heavy Montreal 2014. And it’s not surprising, because what has traditionally been a “serious” metal crowd seemed to enjoy all aspects of hard rock, “performance” metal, and, well, everything in between and beyond. In large part, I think that has a lot to do with the mainstream appeal of Metallica, who closed out the night on Day 1.

At any rate, we had a great chat with Three Days Grace’s Brad Walst and Barry Stock, both of whom were very friendly and open to just about everything we threw at them (I love interviews where you feel like you’re chatting with old friends). We talked about the transition into having a new singer, Brad’s brother Matt Walst, about the worst injury (Barry is one tough monster and/or machine), about their next single (“I Am Machine”), about the new album’s status and when it should be out (we’re looking at a March release at this point), and about a few other odds and ends.

Rock Hard \m/

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