Heavy Montreal 2014: Heavy Drinking With Alestorm, An Interview

When we got word that we scored an interview with Scotland’s original pirate metallers, Alestorm at Heavy Montreal 2014, we knew we had to talk with them about beer and other such related topics. And once that can of worms was opened, there was no going back, even if I tried to give them a moment to talk up their latest album, Sunset on the Golden Age, released August 1st. They did answer the question when I asked if it had an overall theme, but it circled back to drinking.

I don’t think you have to be an Alestorm fan to enjoy the stories Peter Alcorn, Gareth Murdock, and Dani Evans shared with us, especially if you enjoy a pint or two. You’ll really like the stories if you like drunken silliness.

Rock Hard \m/

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