Slipknot’s New Single “The Negative One” Has Crash Landed [AUDIO]

Part of the long wait is now over, Slipknot has just unleashed the first real teaser of their forth coming album, which you can sink your ears into right this second. The single is titled “The Negative One“, and it’s totally brutal in a Slipknot kind of way. By the sound of it, not much has changed and the song definitely gives us a bloody taste of what the album will be like. It’s pure groove metal with tons of growls coming vocalist Corey Taylor. I guarantee it won’t disappoint Slipknot fans.

The official music video for “The Negative One” drops on August 5, and we assume the teaser clips released over the past few weeks are from that video. Otherwise, we are in for another big Slipknot surprise next week.

In the meantime, listen to this killer song and enjoy!

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