The Michael Myers Slide – A Dance Off To Halloween: The Complete Collection [VIDEO]

What happens when 10 Michael Myers and one witch appear during Comic Con? Well, you definitely don’t get a killing spree in central San Diego, but a ridiculous little dance off to the crazy beats of a song called “The Monster.” That’s right! Myers digs Eminem and Rihanna enough that he, or I really mean they, put together a choreographed boogieman dance dubbed “The Michael Myers Slide.”

It happened over the weekend outside the convention center, and it was also captured on video for you to watch in the convenience of your home. The dance is neat, but don’t expect them to win on a TV show like So You Think You Can Dance.

In case you’re wondering why, it was don in celebration for the release of Halloween The Complete Collection Blu-ray box set from Scream Factory and Anchor Bay, which is slated for September 23rd.

Enjoy and share horror!

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