E3 2014: Mass Effect 4 Gets Teased

mass effect 4 - e3 2014

E3 2014 officially kicks off tomorrow, June 10th, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t press conferences and other shenanigans going on today. One such bit of news coming out today was information about the highly anticipated Mass Effect 4.

We’ve been champing at the bit for Mass Effect 4 news since talking to some BioWare designers at last year’s Montreal ComicCon, so it’s with heavy hearts that little was revealed today. BioWare Executive Producer Casey Hudson, speaking via video, simply informed that the new Mass Effect would feature entirely new characters and that it would be set in a new region of the universe. Hudson also emphasized that BioWare Montreal was designing ME4, while the Edmonton studio is creating a new IP, which is being designed to be able to tell “contemporary stories.”

BioWare also showed off some conceptual work, which gave attendees a glimpse at some of the new universe, which appears to be war torn.

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