Ridley Scott Location Scouts For Prometheus 2, Hopefully Makes A Coherent Movie

Prometheus 2

Sometimes, you can’t decide whether a movie is good or bad. And in 99% of those cases, that movie is Prometheus, which should have a Rotten Tomatoes score of “Eh?” Every other day, I change my opinion on it. Sometimes, I think that it’s full of incredibly tense sequences, and is beautiful to look at it. And other times, I wonder how they wrote the script to it. Was it passed down, by unreliable word of mouth, until it finally got down to Damon Lindelof, who had to piece together the garbled rumors of other screenwriters? Or did Ridley Scott pull “Alien prequel” ideas out of a hat at random, and only stopped when he got to a thousand slips of paper? I have no idea. Ask me tomorrow. I’m sure it’ll be the best movie ever by then.

The best things about a Prometheus 2 is that it might improve upon Prometheus, or at least be a coherent movie. And it’s been reported that director Ridley Scott has been scouting locations in Australia for the film since May 21st. Prometheus 2 is set to start shooting this fall, so unless Ridley plans to make his Blade Runner sequel in a few weeks, we should probably get ready for an explosion of not-quite-Xenomorph news coming later this year.

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