TNT Postpones Tales From The Crypt Reboot Until Legal Issues Clear

Despite high-anticipations for TNT’s Tale from the Crypt reboot, the TV show may not come into fruition after all.

Following months of effort to reboot the show with M. Night Shyamalan, TNT is losing complete hope on the upcoming horror program. In fact, legal issues are delaying development, according to TNT and TBS President Kevin Reilly.

Reilly said,

That one got really caught up in a complete legal mess unfortunately with a very complicated underlying rights structure. We lost so much time, so I said, ‘Look, I’m not waiting around four years for this thing’. Maybe that will come back around but in the meantime, Ridley Scott had come up, who has so much creative enthusiasm.

With all the time lost, Reilly is now leaning toward a new sci-fi programming in collaboration with Ridley Scott (Alien: Covenant, Prometheus) that could launch in 2018. Reilly appears to still have interest in horror programming, but is willing to put it aside until something more concrete comes up.

There’s still no specific detail about Scott’s new sci-fi show, but we’ll be sure to keep Yellers in the loop as soon as they make an official annoucement.

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