Scout Compton Returns As Laurie In Halloween 3

Halloween 3

Last Friday, Evil Argento broke news on Yell! Magazine that Halloween 3 is confirmed to be back on track and moving forward. And a script is currently in development to bring “The Shape” back on the big screen for a possible 2015 release alongside a new Friday the 13th reboot. There’s still no word yet on who will be writing or directing the threequel, which is also rumored to be in 3-D.

However, actress Scout Compton who played Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween 2 revealed her secret the other day via Twitter that she will be returning in Halloween 3. Her role isn’t officially confirmed by the studio, but it would be pretty damn shameful if someone who appeared in the first two installment would start a silly rumor like this, unless she’s desperately looking for attention. I’m 100% she isn’t, so I’m going to take her word on it, and so should you.

Based on this early reveal by Compton, this could unofficially mean that the story in Halloween 3 should pick up right after the events of Halloween 2. I’m assuming this would make the most sense right now. But who really knows since the script isn’t even finished and it could go in a completely different direction, like Halloween III: Season of the Witch did.

I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t!

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