Brighter Than a Thousand Suns’s Flux EP Gets A Street Date

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Connecticut-based Brighter Than a Thousand Suns is labeled as an alt-rock trio, but the brand new track from their upcoming EP, Flux, reveals a much more goth/synth rock orientation. Listening to the very catchy and “Fearless,” you wouldn’t be wrong to draw comparisons to Canada’s The Birthday Massacre. The track itself exudes a simultaneous sense of melancholy and hopefulness, and Angelika Roswell vocals are purely angelic. While there’s a sense of calm in “Fearless,” there’s also a sense of urgency, which never gets fully realized.

brighter than a thousand suns band photo

Flux will be released via iTunes on May 6th.

Guitarist Randy Roswell said of Flux:

On this release, we really wanted to do something risky and allow ourselves the vulnerability that comes along with putting all of who we are out on the table. Lyrically, we shared a lot more of our personal struggles and musically we did away with a lot of self-censorship. Writing and recording this EP was a very liberating adventure that led to a lot of self-discovery.

If “Fearless” is any indication, ditching the self-censorship has worked in the band’s favor. Check the track out in the player above.

Also, watch Angelika talk about the meaning and such behind Flux:

About Brighter Than a Thousand Suns:

The intelligent alternative rock sound of Brighter Than a Thousand Suns is as refreshing as it is satisfying. Formerly known as Self Made Soul, the band has had a prolific recording career including 2011’s Survival Machines released through Tragic Hero Records. The Milford, CT trio includes husband and wife team Angelika and Randy Roswell, and drummer Andre Tangredi. The group has shared the stages with acts such as Saosin, Versa Emerge, Our Last Night, I See Stars and has graced the pages of Alternative Press magazine.

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