Modern Mimes Cover Type O Negative… And It’s Damn Good!

Fort Lauderdale-based Goth/rock duo, Modern Mimes, have released their cover of Type O Negative‘s 2003 “I Don’t Wanna Be Me,” as well as their homage-paying music video. The surviving members of Type O have not just approved of the cover, but they’ve evangelized the single and video ahead of its release.

Said Type O via Facebook:

This is great — this band Modern Mimes approached this cover just as Type O would have: changed the tempo and feel of it and made it their own. Tones and mix are great as well. It sounds as if Type O did a cover of Type O. Amazing job. I love this. It’s better than our version.

Have a gander at the video and track on this page, and further down find a link to the original Type O Negative track.

About Modern Mimes:

The Florida-based Modern Mimes is clearly here on business! Originally formed in late 2014, their creation can be best described as “future goth,” a term they coined to explain their fusion of soaring guitar, powerfully haunting vocals, subconscious evocative lyrics, and catchy pop sensibilities.

Modern Mimes consists of Adi Elcida Hernandez on vocals/guitar/sampling and Ernesto Paez on the double neck guitar bass. Ernesto came from the world of touring U.S. extensively in heavy bands where Adi was a solo singer/songwriter. This teaming has created a conduit for the wellspring of creative and ambient offering that is modern mimes.

Unrestrained by genres or trends, Modern Mimes is the perfectly cathartic reflection of the inner workings of Adi and Ernesto, who are creating these sounds with the intention of inspiring listeners to journey through their subconscious and look within. Their debut, Wake Up, is the nine-track concept album released in early 2017, which sets the tone and standard of their continual elevation.

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