September Mourning, Vol. 1 – Issue First Comic

From the stage to the page! Goth rockers, September Mourning, have been reincarnated in graphic style. Created by legendary Top Cow founder/artist Marc Silvestri and musician/singer Emily Lazar, September Mourning is a unique character who lives in multiple worlds and media: a rock band, social media, and now a comic book series!

September Mourning, Vol. 1 recollects the Kickstarter first comic for the regular market on the heels of the band’s upcoming tour across the U.S. The group will be setting up intimate acoustic shows and signings at comic shops while they’re on tour. Find out where you can catch September Mourning live this summer here!

Pre-order September Mourning Vol.1 via Image Comics here.

September Mourning, Vol. 1 Credits:

Story: Emily Lazar, Mariah Mccourt
Art: Sumeyye Kesgin
Cover: Marc Silvestri
Published: June 14, 2017
Diamond ID: APR170716

september mourning vol 1 cover art

September Mourning Synopsis:

September Mourning has no past that she can remember, only a strange and shadowy present filled with the voices of the dead. Turned into a unique hybrid by the former Reaper of the lonely, injured, and abused, September Mourning is the only human/reaper to exist. Tasked with reaping the souls of the “worthless” by her mysterious tattoo, September hides and protects them until she can help them realize the last thing they had left undone in life. Whether it’s aiding souls to expose abusers, find lost loves, or settle old debts, in each case September is guided by voice of the Skullfly, which only she can hear.

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