Hannibal, Season 2 – “Futamono”

hannibal Futamono

hannibal Futamono

Given the news about Hannibal being in jeopardy of canceled, I feel like the show hit the accelerator a little bit. Of course, the cancellation news is still pretty fresh and the showrunners likely didn’t have time to put plan B into action before this episode aired. At any rate, a lot happened in “Futamono,” and the show only has a few weeks left to prove its worthiness to stay in NBC’s lineup.

Following last week’s show-stopper (Hannibal strung up and noosed by the hospital attendant and bailiff killer), this week had two major points of interested. Both of which were orchestrated by the harpsichord-composer Hannibal.

As we’re all aware, Graham has been campaigning his innocence and naming Hannibal the Chesapeake Ripper, but it’s been a tough sell for him. With a helping hand from Hannibal, namely from the clues he left behind in his latest victim, the tree-man councilman, Jack Crawford was swayed to at least consider Hannibal as a suspect. Not to discredit the help Jack received from Graham, who profiled the reason why Hannibal kills in rounders of three and four — because if he waits too long the meat will spoil. Graham also revealed that, unlike Hobbs who ate his victims to honor them, Hannibal eats his victims because they’re no better than pigs to him.

The big trigger Graham gave Crawford, however, was that Hannibal will have a dinner party when the Ripper is killing.

Crawford also got some convincing to at least consider Hannibal from Dr. Chilton, who said, “Jack, he fits the profile. He’s attracted to medical and psychological fields because they offer power over man… cannibalism, cannibalism is an act of dominance.”

hannibal Futamono -crawford takes food to go

So, basically, Crawford got pushed by just about everyone but Bloom to check Hannibal out. The end result was Crawford taking some food-to-go from Hannibal’s dinner party and having it tested for human meat.

After the dinner party, Hannibal seduced a very willing Bloom and bedded her. It wasn’t made plainly clear if he drugged her to induce a deep sleep, or why he wiped her wine glass (these details will likely be revealed in a later episode), but he checked her to verify that she was asleep and then he snuck out to capture Gideon.

Hannibal - Season 2 - hannibal and bloom

Right, to explain Gideon’s circumstance, after his meeting with Crawford, Gideon was beaten by the guards and tossed over a stairwell railing, resulting in a broken back and a visit to the hospital. We were never told who coordinated this, but it was either Hannibal alone or Dr. Chilton is working with him in some capacity.

So, Hannibal sneaks out, kills the hospital guard, leaving some more evidence that shows Graham isn’t the Ripper, and takes Gideon. In the morning, waking up with Bloom, Crawford pays a visit and asks Hannibal where he was last night. Bloom steps up to fulfill her duties as Hannibal’s planned alibi.

The evidence left on the guard leads Crawford to a shack in the woods where he finds Miriam Lasser in a pit. Note that Graham was accused of killing her. So, from the preview of next week’s episode, we learn that Graham gets released and apparently goes after Hannibal for righteousness’ sake.

As you can see, Hannibal did a hell of a job coordinating all of this and it was a fast-paced episode. And there’s no fogetting Gideon’s last supper.

hannibal Futamono- hannibal serves gideon

While Hannibal did tell Graham that he’s in control, do you think Hannibal was being sincere? Who’s more in control, Hannibal or Graham?

The stakes have been raised for the next few episodes and hopefully the show can draw enough of an audience to keep it on the air.

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