Hannibal, Season 2 – “Sakizuki”

Hannibal - Season 2 - Sakizuki

The second episode of Hannibal, Season 2, aired on Friday night, and if you thought the season opener with the fight between Hannibal Lecter and FBI Special Agent Jack Crawford was intense, then you definitely had a white-knuckle experience the other night. That opening scene in “Sakizuki” might have been one of the best, most heart-stopping, lung-collapsing scenes in all of horror, as the final color piece in the “eye of god” mural ripped himself free of his stitches and literally tore the flesh from his body. Subsequently, he ran through a corn field to escape his captor.

But all that was icing on our Hannibal/Will Graham psychological battle. Graham so convincingly suckered Hannibal into treating him again that I was suckered myself. If Graham wants to prove his innocence and reveal Hannibal’s true character, why would he want to undergo more treatment from the cannibalistic psychiatrist? Keep your enemies close, that’s why. There’s no better way for Graham to find a weakness in Hannibal’s mind than to be close to him.

It might not have been as viscerally intense as the opening scene this week, but when Dr. Maurier (Gillian Anderson) went to see Hannibal to inform him that she would no longer treat him as a patient, his slow and steady walk toward her was terrifying. I’m guessing this character will soon find her way onto Hannibal’s menu. For the meantime, however, she went to see Graham and told him that she believes his story.

Hannibal - Season 2 - Graham and Maurier

Hold up. Actually Maurier, since she’s been attacked before, might be a bit wiser and savvy to the ways of a psychopath. She’s probably going to be able to disappear to elude Hannibal and help Graham out.

In “Sakizuki” we learned that Crawford wants to believe Graham, and given the fight in the season opener, a fight that takes place 12 weeks from now, we can assume that Crawford learns the truth about Hannibal. I bet that Maurier helps him to find that truth.

Where do you guys stand on Hannibal, Season 2 so far? Where do you think it’s going, or rather, how it’s going to get there?

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