Cyn Vicious: There’s No Rest For The Wicked [Interview]

cyn vicious
Cyn ViciousCyn ViciousCyn ViciousCyn ViciousCyn ViciousCyn ViciousCyn ViciousCyn Vicious

Cyn Vicious on collaboration and makeup:

When working with a photographer, you are a collaborative team. I have a list of different concepts and things I hope to create and when I offer one of those to a photographer, they take them and add on their creative perspective. I usually do my own makeup and styling and have been designing the things I wear for the shoots that are very important to me. I’m not sure how to classify all the things I have made into one category. The styles I love to look at would be more gothic in nature, particularly gothic Lolita and I also love anything that seems steampunk influenced. Wherever the Victorian era is incorporated, I am fascinated. My personal style is very different, I’m very minimalistic and my look is more bohemian.

Makeup is such an exciting artistic medium to explore. I’ve always loved playing with vibrant colors and making unique looks. Since I had attending schooling for esthetics and makeup artistry I feel very confident in my refined skills. It’s such an immediate reward to help enhance one’s beauty and see their boost in confidence. Avant-garde-statement looks are my favorite, they set the tone for the entire shoot. Then adding a headpiece/crown/collar or other design I’ve constructed, and the whole thing comes together!

I definitely think it helps my chances to work with as many talented people as I can, the fact that I’m practicing myself in so many mediums. I’m extremely abled to represent a full team with one person. Also, being available in different roles allows me to work with photographers who may not have been interested in an alternative model but may love the way I apply makeup. It definitely is still exciting to be made up by another makeup artist. It’s a learning experience because there is no right way to do something; there are a bunch of different ways, and they all have something you can pick up to better your own technique.

Cyn Vicious on body modification and her tattoos:

I’ve always had a love for body modification. I was obsessed long before I was old enough to participate in any of it. I look at your skin as a blank canvas waiting for your life story and experiences to be inscribed upon. It’s a magnificent form of art that keeps evolving into something even more incredible. My first tattoo was a fairy rib piece my mom bought me, as soon as I turned 18.

Most of the work I’ve allowed other tattoo artists to put on me is in the process of being covered by my husband, Jake Parrington. He’s currently at Lowell Ink, but is in the process of opening his own shop! He’s an award-winning artist and has been tattooing for over 10 years. He’s amazing at what he does and I can’t wait for the day when my body is no longer a “work in progress” and every body part is finished.

My big pieces that are currently in progress are my Disney sleeve, which is full of realistically drawn princesses and their accompanying villains, and my music box sleeve. Being a heavily tattooed young woman, I am prejudged all the time for my artwork. Some appreciate the beauty, and others shun me before they even give me a chance to speak. You learn to hold your head high no matter what looks you get, and see yourself for who you really are.

Cyn Vicious on her published works and her short list:

It has been my honor to have had the opportunity to work with some beyond amazing photographers. I’ve been published in Bizarre, Dark Beauty, on a few websites, as well as in a few photographers’ books. It has also been my privilege to have been able to have an all-expenses-paid week-long trip to Florida to do multiple concept shoots all around Tallahassee and Georgia. Such an amazing experience I couldn’t regret if I tried.

My short list of photographers/designers I hope to collaborate with AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
Photographers: Radiant Inc., Laura Dark, Keith Selle, Sonja Lux, Rev Vegas, Winterwolf, Le Mew, Tiffany Ann!
Designers: Dawn Matrix Ashley Rose Couture Rubenesque Latex

I’m forgetting so many right now, but I’m trying to keep this short, and these are who I’m currently drooling over. My goal for 2014 is very general but also very well planned. I have a list I have been compiling full of hundreds of magazines and their submission requirements. I hope to submit my butt off to as many as possible this year.

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