Cyn Vicious: There’s No Rest For The Wicked [Interview]

cyn vicious
Cyn ViciousCyn ViciousCyn ViciousCyn ViciousCyn ViciousCyn ViciousCyn ViciousCyn Vicious

Cyn Vicious is an extremely talented model who prides herself on original and unique posing, classic and timeless attire (usually handmade by herself), and flawless makeup (also done by herself). Not only is she a fantastic model, she is also a sensational designer and an exceptional makeup artist. This triple threat is inked and beautiful, and she’s a powerhouse of talent, grace, and beauty all rolled into one phenomenal package! I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing this gorgeous gal and here’s a bit of what she had to say about modeling, her ink, and her journey into makeup artistry and designing:

Cyn Vicious

Cyn Vicious on getting her start and perfection:

Modeling is an amazing outlet for me that allows me to take inspiration from different interests of my life such as dance, family, past experiences, books I can’t stop thinking about, or other aspects from the media that have blown my mind and transform them into an amazing photo story with the help of amazing talent.

My mom was actually the one that got me into modeling. When I was younger I took different training courses and was with an agency, but I hated it. I thought the poses were boring, and the people were too. In high school, a friend told me he wanted me to be one of his models and I was apprehensive. I hated photos being taken of me up until then, but I loved it! It was fun feeling creative and getting the almost immediate reward of seeing the photos afterwards. Alternative modeling has so many more avenues than agency standard fashion. It’s a creative form that knows no bounds!

I think modeling is a lot harder in some ways than people imagine and a lot easier in other ways. It’s easier in the sense that you don’t have to be perfect! I used to get so down on myself for the smallest flaws (like when I get cold my skin gets those pink goose bumps) and I’d be horrified about them showing.

I think if you’re working with a good photographer your skin shouldn’t be the issue. Although it may be easier to have flaws and be made to appear to be the picture of perfection, you do have to put an insane amount of thought and preparation into every other aspect of what you present in the photograph. If you take the time to plan out your concept and have a certain vision of how you want yourself to be seen you can go anywhere.

Paying attention to what your best features are, and how to bring them out in your hair/makeup/wardrobe/styling/posing and somehow trying to stay omniscient throughout a shoot of facial expressions, unique poses, and any body parts that may appear awkward and not graceful. Then, after you have the beautiful photo, you have to now do the hard part and take the hours and hours to network and promote yourself so you can be seen! On top of that, this isn’t my full time job. I’m an esthetician, wife, and mother of four. Time prioritizing is an especially important skill to possess in this field.

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