Toys “R” Us Stocking Up With Xbox One’s For Thanksgiving Weekend

xbox one

It’s practically impossible to purchase an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 at this time since both next-gen consoles are sold out everywhere.

Both consoles sold over 1 million units within a 24-hour period during their respective launch weekends. Every time a retailer has them in stock, they usually sell out within a few hours. Toys “R” Us even offered additional shipments on their website, but both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have sold out again as of midnight today. The demand is so high right now that it’s pretty much pointless to even talk about the next available batch.

If you’re still interested in trying to get an Xbox One, the word on the street right now is Toys “R” Us will be stocking up with them for the Thanksgiving weekend across the U.S.. Of course, a limited number of Xbox One’s will be in stock, so you better start camping out now.

Source: GameSpot

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