Xbox One Launch-Day Problems

xbox one

Although,, and Office 365 down earlier today, they’re running again. However, this hardly means that Xbox One’s launch-day problems are finished. But the way I see it, no early adopter has the right to complain. Seriously, the PS4 launched with problems and Microsoft issued a pre-launch mandatory update for the Xbox One. Did you really think you’d be the exception?

There are currently two essential problems with the Xbox One. First is that mandatory update, which can be difficult to do since the Xbox One is having trouble connecting. But… the problem may just fix itself, as reported by an Xbox One owner in Australia (check out his comments at

The other major problem appears to be a faulty Blu-ray drive, which is failing to read optical discs. The console just makes a clicking sound, and some are calling it the “click of death.”

We’ll keep you posted on other developments related to the Xbox One launch.

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