Xbox One – Microsoft Confirms You Can’t Play Music From A USB Stick At Launch

Xbox One

Tonight is the night gamers can finally get their hands on Microsoft’s newest gaming console, the Xbox One, which will be selling for $499. For that price, you’d expect to be able to do all the basic things previous media centers are capable of doing, and dive right into new features the system has been marketed to do, like play games with the revolutionary Kinect 2.0 motion sensor, take advantage of the camera, and voice recognition for interactive gaming, and so on. The list is gigantic, the Xbox One should be able to do the most important things in the comfort of your living room for the next decade.

But hold your horses, the system will be capable of doing many ambitious things, however, plugging in your USB stick to play music isn’t an option Microsoft wants you to have at launch. That’s right! A basic option that an ancient car radio can do won’t be available for some time, and don’t try to store MP3s on the hard drive either because the Xbox One just won’t support playback for that format at launch. If you want music, you’ll have to subscribe to Xbox Music to stream content through the console, or use supported Windows devices to access the Play To service.

Microsoft director of product planning Albert Penello confirmed the news on Twitter the other night.

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