31 Days Of Scares – Day 4 – Hannibal Season 2 vs. Hannibal (2001)

Hannibal Season 2

Hannibal Season 2 Poster

Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal Season 1 was a mega hit on NBC for many reasons. It had excellent performances from the leads and the stories for each episode were very well-constructed, focusing on the budding relationship between FBI special agent Will Graham and forensic psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

If you followed Season 1 closely, then you must have noticed how deeply the TV series delves into psychiatry and the state of the human mind. Week after week, Graham’s mental state gradually got worse until he was having constant nightmares and hallucinations. Remember, Graham also had reoccurring visions of a confusing Stag. It was clear that he was far from being mentally OK.

Season 2 is still months away from airing and it will pick up from the distressing events caused by Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the Season Finale. Until then, Fuller has teased a new poster for it and explained that it represents a “clearer-minded” Graham and that he finally sees Lecter as a monster in the following season.

After a horrifying descent into madness in Season 1, this image ironically represents the perspective of a scrappier, clearer-minded Will Graham in Season 2. The scales have fallen from his eyes and he finally sees Hannibal Lecter for the monster he is.

The poster designed for Season 2 is spot on based on what Fuller said, and Dr. Hannibal Lecter looks truly evil. This is probably one of the best promotional pieces I’ve seen for the series so far.

Hannibal Movie

Hannibal (2001) Poster

Hannibal, directed by Ridley Scott, was the first sequel in the Silence of the Lambs film franchise. The events in Hannibal were set 10 years after the those that happened in the first film.

Julianne Moore took over Jodie Foster’s role as FBI Agent Clarice Starling; Foster opted out of the film because the offer wasn’t to her taste and she had her own project rolling with Claire Danes for Flora Plum. Fortunately, Anthony Hopkins got on board and reprised his iconic role as the cannibal/serial killer Hannibal Lecter. At the time of its release, Hannibal broke box office records in North America, Australia, and the UK. Hannibal is still ranked No.1 in the franchise as the highest grossing, and all of the films together have earned a total of $425,277,003, as of last year.

Although, this isn’t the sequel that inspired the TV series above since Fuller based his on the characters and elements appearing in Red Dragon, Hannibal is considered the creepiest and goriest installment of the franchise. I will never forget the scene in which Hannibal Lecter feeds Krendler’s (Ray Liotta) own brain. One of the best scenes ever!

As far as the poster design goes, Season 2 easily takes the cake over this one.

31 Days of Scares

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