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31 Days of Scares

Happy freakin’ October, Yellers! Yes, one of our favorite seasons of the year is upon us once again. Why is it a beloved season of ours? Well, for starters, Halloween is at the end of this month of decay, and Halloween gives us a chance to be as bloody, vulgar, and violent as we want to be. It gives us the chance to go back and revisit old classics and favorites. It gives us the chance to explore new territories within the horror genre. But above all, it gives us the chance to share with you one of our deepest and dearest loves — Horror!

But while we explore the dark realm of human existence, we like to keep a level head about it and enjoy the macabre make-believe of it all. It’s all in good fun that we get disturbed and disgusting, and at the same time we get to feel nostalgic for this holiday. Seriously, while we’ve grown up and our tastes have evolved, we still remember what it was like to be a kid at this time of year; we remember the excitement, and the hours spent, deciding which horror character we wanted to be for Halloween, we remember the thrills of developing that costume and looking in the mirror with the singular thought of “yeah, I look good,” we remember sorting through the piles of candy, and we remember the warnings from our parents (“check for needles,” “watch out for cars,” “be careful of strangers,” etc.).

So, what are we doing for you this October and for the 31 Days of Scares? Each day we’re going to bring you something Halloween related. It might be something cool to look at, like wicked movie posters, it might be some advice, it might be some recommendations, it might be some cool party ideas, it might be some insights on what to do and what to see, or it might be some tongue-in-cheek list in which we tell you what the deal really is.

Our goal? We want you to get as excited as we are for the spookiest night of the year. We also want you prepared – we don’t want you to be the schmuck caught on October 30th without a clue in the world. If we catch you being that schmuck, we might have to capture you and offer you as a blood sacrifice to the Goat Lord. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

So digest our offerings this month, and we promise we won’t put a dead cat in your mailbox.

Boo! \m/

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