Microsoft Can’t Catch A Break With Xbox One

Xbox One console
Xbox One console

Xbox One console

Microsoft has been doing a lot of damage control lately. We recently presented you with an article comparing the PS4 and the Xbox One, and within it we mentioned many of the features that Microsoft was going to roll out but, due to public outroar, have reconsidered.

The latest bit of anxiety for gamers is the fact that a headset won’t be included in the box. Instead, the Kinnect will be included, which acts as both a motion-sensor and communication device. Making matters worse is the fact that Microsoft didn’t make the Xbox One backward compatible with 360 headsets.

With the new wave of Xbox One resentment, IGN is reporting that Microsoft has now announced that an adapter for 360-generation (wired or wireless) headsets will be available. It’s not been revealed whether that adapter will be included with the console or sold separately, but if it’s the latter, then you’ll either have to buy it or buy a new headset, which many gamers will summerize as another Microsoft money grab.

Where do you stand: Does the headset issue with the Xbox One bother you?

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