PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One – Which Console Is Right For You?

Xbox One

Release Date: Rumored November 5, 2013

Xbox One

Microsoft has had one rough road so far in this new generation of consoles. People were not responding favorably to many of the features the new Xbox was planning to implement. As of last week, Microsoft did a 180 and completely scrapped the features that consumers were unhappy with. The scrapped features include the check-in system and the weird game-sharing policies. The check-in system would have required users to connect to Xbox servers once every 24 hours as a way to combat piracy.

Microsoft xbox One

If you didn’t check in with Xbox’ servers, then your Xbox would have shut down, leaving you with limited usage abilities, such as just being able to play Blu-rays/DVDs. The main issue, however, was that you wouldn’t be able to play any of your games. Imagine the implicatins if you don’t take your Xbox with you on vacatino or if you’re a casual gamer.

Xbox One Used Games

The fact that Microsoft has done away with the check-in system, the used game/sharing fees, and the DRM is a testament to the power of gamers and of the Internet. With the Internet, gamers have access to all the information about a console and a platform from which to voice their concerns. It’s amazing that Microsoft actually listened and changed things.

Dead Rising 3

In a lot of ways, Microsoft has responded admirably. On the other hand, Microsoft should have known better in the first place. The Xbox One will still cost $500 at launch, which is $100 more than the PS4, and nearly $200 more than the Wii U. So, what is Microsoft offering for the extra cash? A pretty sweet lineup of games, some top-of-the-line graphics capabilities, Blu-ray/DVD, and the Kinect. It’s actually a pretty sweet package, but for the extra money it’s not much different than the PS4.

Xbox One (Specs)

Price: $500
CPU: 8 Core Microsoft Customer
Storage: 500GB (non-removable), Cloud
USB 3.0
No Bluetooth
Connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi
Xbox Live (payed, probably)
Includes Kinect
Mandatory game installs


PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One, spec breakdown after the jump…

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