David Bowie Tapped For A Role On “Hannibal”

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david bowie hannibal

david bowie offered role on hannibal – credit: divinevarod.com

Hannibal is one of our favorite shows to watch in the Yell! Magazine offices. And it’s with pure giddy joy what we’re hearing about David Bowie possibly having a recurring role on Season 2 of Hannibal.

E! News is reporting that showrunner, Bryan Fuller, has tapped Bowie to play Hannibal Lecter’s uncle, Count Robert Lecter.

“We have reached out to David Bowie to see if he’s interested and available. We would love for him to play Hannibal’s uncle, who is a character from the literature and in the books.”

As we reported with Stephen King’s response to unhappy fans of the Under the Dome book, including Count Lecter on the show would break the storyline in the books since he was killed by Nazis. But, as Fuller explained, “our timeline is a little more present, there’s a little bit of J.J. Abrams-style alternate universe storytelling where he could still be alive.”

It’s our opinion that Bowie would be great for the role, since he’s no stranger to the camera or the genre. He’s had roles in such classics as The Hunger and Labyrinth, and countless other roles.

Hannibal will commence production in Toronto this August.

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