Ubisoft… Please Make Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon II

Is Ubisoft Planning For Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon II?

Is Ubisoft Planning For Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon II?

I just happen to finishes Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and I must say Ubisoft did a splendid job ripping off all my favorite sci-fi classics from the ’80s. The Terminator, Aliens, Predator, The Wraith and RoboCop all appear in Blood Dragon in some shape or form, and I loved it.

Blood Dragon

At first, I really thought this game was just going to be a skin job, and boy was I damn wrong. I got to experience a completely new kick ass story for under 15$, and hands down is hell of a bargain for what you get. I’m so convinced that I enjoyed Blood Dragon more than Far Cry 3 that I’m already looking forward to a sequel. Hats off to creative director Dead Evans for going out of his way in crafting a bizarre project like this, and I really hope the game is successful enough for Ubisoft to make a sequel, or even a prequel would blow my mind away.

According to a few sources, Evans is pushing for a Blood Dragon II, and Dread Central recently released part of an interview they did with Michael Biehn, who also weighed in on matter since he stars in the game as Sergeant Rex ‘Power’ Colt.

Michael BiehnI don’t know anything. If they do a sequel, that is [Creative Director] Dean [Evans]’ decision. For all I know it might not have anything to do with me, and he might make a completely different game. I had thought I heard someone say something about a sequel, but I really don’t know anything about it, which means if there was one, then I don’t know if I would be involved. I don’t know anything about what the subject matter would be or what it would be like. He never discussed with me about a sequel. I just kind of overheard someone talking about it actually, and it was probably a conversation I shouldn’t have heard.

Biehn continues, “So I don’t know if there is going to be a sequel or not. A couple of game sites have come out and said there is going to be a sequel, and I am quoted as saying there is going to be a sequel. I probably shouldn’t have said that from just overhearing what someone else was talking about while we were doing the voice-over work. I could be totally wrong about that.”

Personally, I’m already sensing Blood Dragon is a hit because I enjoyed every minute of it, and all the nerds like myself are talking about this game. So Ubisoft, if you’re listening, please make a sequel very soon.

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