Is Ubisoft A Bad Work Environment For A Developer?

Ubisoft Montreal

Known for having some of the most appealing video game franchises in the gaming industry, Ubisoft might be a working nightmare for a developer.

In recent days, a rumor from an ex-Ubisoft employee popped up days after the launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity about the company’s shameful reputation with developers. According to this former employee, Ubisoft pressures developers to work long hours, which aren’t paid above 37 hours. If development is falling behind, developers have to beg to have deadlines extended.

We worked 50 to 70 hour per week (anything above 37 is unpaid). I’ve seen guys shamed for leaving at 5 p.m. We had to beg to have our deadline extended or we WOULD release a horrible broken mess. To miss our deadline we had to lose a few random workers.

In addition, this ex-employee also said that Ubisoft doesn’t really see the value in developing a quality product for PC gamers because “90% are pirates anyway.”

I was in a meeting personally with Yves Guillemot, who said that he doesn’t care about PC gamers because, and i quote “90% are pirates anyway,” that’s after a direct question from a well-respected, well-paid programmer back in the late 2000s asking “why are our PC ports fucking shit?” So we outsourced it all to Eastern Europe.

These are just a few negative rumors circulating from this person, but if you want to hear more horror stories about what it’s supposedly like to be a developer at Ubisoft, then watch the video clip right below.

Ex-Ubisoft Employee Exposes The Horrors Of The Company

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