Evil Dead (2013) Review: More Fun Than A Hamster In A Wheel

With that said, for what would normally be a milquetoast kind of thing, this movie is effective. It’s tasteful, it’s got atmosphere, and it’ll make you wince. It’ll make you cringe. You might even throw up. The woman sitting behind me kept shifting in her seat. The guy to my right screamed a couple times. Someone in the front kept making these weird camel noises.

And that’s just the way it should be. This movie had everyone gripped by the ghoulies. Quality entertainment for you and me.

This remake – this re-imaginging – it was made with a love of its source material. It was made to be, in a word, an Evil Dead for today’s youth.

And let me tell you, bromide – it’s got that down, pat.

Evil Dead (2013)
Just like my ex-wife.

Sure, yeah – they’re in a cabin, and something’s trying to kill ’em – but the lighting, the copious gore, the pacing, the conflict between the characters – it’s all a worthy improvement, and it’s all worth a watch.

But I won’t spoil anything. It’s not even worth gushing about what was improved, and where. You’ll just have to see it for yourself.

The few things you need to know?

1. It doesn’t end the same way as the original. Make what you will of that, but there’s a pretty sweet allusion to Ash Williams, and it’s an excellent pay-off. OH LAWD, WHAT A PAY-OFF.

2. There’s still that tree scene. Yeah. Yeah, they went there. Better yet, it’s significant to the plot… I think.

Evil Dead (2013)
I guess they thought the tree scene was really important. 

The Verdict: [rating:4]

If you’re looking for Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness – sorry, but you might be a little bit confused. This is Evil Dead 2013 – a movie about five young adults getting sliced and diced and possessed and such. It’s devoid of camp, and it’s a depressing sumbitch – but hey, it’s a labor of love.

Any nitpick a man could have over this movie is a nitpick he should point toward the source material (or the higher ups that green-lighted remaking the source material). If you think of it as another claustrophobic teen slaughter-fest, it’ll drop out of your mind faster than you and I dropped out of college. If you think of it as one of the few claustrophobic teen slaughter-fests that’s executed with aplomb and stomach-churning grace, then congratulations, my friend; you’re in store for some fond memories.

And there’s no CG, baby! Lah-dee-dah.


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