Yell! Magazine’s List Of Halloween Movies For All Hallows’ Eve – 2012 Edition

Halloween 2012 Horror Movie Guide

Halloween 2012 Horror Movie Guide

Note: This list of Halloween movies doesn’t just apply to the month of October. You should be watching these movies any time you see fit, because limiting your exposure to great horror films to a single season is something that genocide and cancer would do. And you don’t want anything in common with those assholes.

When choosing horror films to recommend to people on Halloween, I keep two things in mind.

The first thing is that I don’t want to choose films that seem obvious. I understand that Halloween is a great film to watch on Halloween, but I’d like to give them something a little different.

The second thing is that I don’t want to make a list of Halloween movies that are hard to find. I’m often a fan of films that are located at the bottom of a decomposing cardboard box in a video store, but most people won’t go searching for these, and thus, my list, fueled by years of poor spending habits and social anxiety, is all for nothing.

So what lies in the perfect medium between those two things?


Each of these seven movies can be found in the Netflix Horror category. If you don’t have Netflix, these films are all readily available to buy.

On to Yell! Magazine’s List of Halloween Movies for All Hallows’ Eve [2012 Edition]

Supernatural Horror

The Fog (1980)

The Fog (1980)John Carpenter’s follow-up to Halloween isn’t a flawless film. The costumes and make-up, along with some of the kills, come off looking a little goofy. But, it does have some awesome jump scares and Tom Atkins, who happens to kick so much ass in the film that he impregnates a woman by asking her friends to introduce him to her. Combine that with Hal Holbrook, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, and the assured hand of Carpenter and you have a pretty entertaining ghost story on your list of Halloween movies.

What other treats are on our list of Halloween movies? Find out next…

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