Stewed, Screwed & Tattooed: 2012 Art Tattoo Show Montreal [PICTURE GALLERY]

The Montreal Tattoo Convention…

Is where once a year, beautiful(ly) tattooed boys and girls meet, drink, and get inked. It’s where tattoo enthusiast spend their hard-earned money to have their skin perma-dyed by their favorite artist, or make appointments with famous (or infamous) artists from around the world.

2012 Art Tattoo Show Montreal It’s the weekend of the year that you save up all your extra money, hell-bent on getting a butterfly on your ankle, and end up with a full back-piece depicting the devil fucking your boss in the ass… or you know, a unicorn and rainbows or something. Basically, it’s Christmas for an ink junkie.

Getting Inked

Rife with well-known local artists like King Len (who did mine on the Saturday. See pic below: vase & flowers on the forearm), and Melissa from Sin City Tattoos (who’s portraits are so stunning they make you want to cry), artists from across Canada like Olliexxx from Ink Machine in Alberta, and really, from all over the world, the Montreal Tattoo Convention is a cultural mash-up of New-School and Old-School styles, with even a bit of Japanese traditional tattooing thrown in there for good measure (looks fucking painful!).

2012 Art Tattoo Show Montreal

What can you expect?

Vendor booths are placed all around the convention center, so if you’re not willing to scar your flesh with some beautiful creation, you can always buy books, flash sheets, clothing or paintings. If you’re an artist, there are tables that sell tattoo gear as well. This year there were also some rockin’ pinup babes posing for pictures. They were gorgeous.

2012 Art Tattoo Show Montreal

Whether you’re looking to get inked, or are simply just looking (there are always a bunch of naked, body-painted babes running around for that, by the way), the Montreal Tattoo Convention is the place to be for a weekend during the beautiful Montreal summers.

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