How to Get Your Business Visible on an International Level

Business owners struggle to grow their brand locally because of the growing competition in almost every category. However, it is one thing to gain visibility in your country and a whole other issue to go global. Gaining visibility will take a massive amount of research, work, marketing, and sleepless nights.  

You have to make sure that you are working in the right direction in order not to waste time and effort. That’s why we provided you with different ways to get your business visible on an international level. 

Research Global Markets 

The most important aspect to consider is the worth of your product abroad. The success of your business locally doesn’t guarantee its profitability overseas. This is because the needs of the foreign markets differ and you will deal with different categories of people. Consumer demand is also an important factor because if the market is saturated, it will have no place for you. That’s why it’s mandatory to research the global market thoroughly and even travel to the countries you wish to invest in. This will help you gain a rough idea of the success rate of your product. 

Learn About Current Conditions 

The timing of launching a product affects its success and how people would react to it. For instance, if you start selling an item in a country flooded with an epidemic or a revolution, then most likely you may not succeed. This is because people will have more important issues to tend to than trying out new products.  

Another assessment that you should take care of is the rules and regulations of the target country. Some places have restrictions and trade barriers that may prevent you from announcing your business. Taxes and customs may also be too high that not expanding may be a better option. 

Exhibit Abroad 

Going all-in when you expand your business may lead to bankruptcy if you don’t strategize well. You must test your service or product in the target market before investing money in the expansion. For instance, consider searching for adequate exhibitions abroad and taking part in them as a test-run. If you find that people are curious and trying to find out more, you can proceed from there. Furthermore, you will come to think of the alterations that you can make to your business to fit an international audience. 

Partner with Local Businesses  

It is sometimes hard to establish yourself in a foreign territory, and that’s why it is better to partner with a local business. Working with distributors, partners, or agents will help you become more familiar with the new ground. Furthermore, you will expose yourself to an already established business that people trust. That way, your partner’s customers will be yours exerting no effort.  

Getting involved with a local will also introduce you to the prices and currency of the market. You may find out that the level in the new place is much higher or lower than you expect. That way, you will have a clear picture of the quality of the service that you should offer and your ability to do so. You will also understand the customers’ needs and whether they prefer delivery or in-store products. 

Personalize Customer Service 

A mistake that many investors fall into is treating every audience the same way. You may be an expert on the etiquette and personalities of your customers, however, foreign ones are not the same. That’s why you have to be cautious while picking your customer service team and provide them with training programs that teach them how to address the target consumers. People become loyal and stick to a certain company when they know they will find the respect and help they deserve when they need it.  

Consider Cultural Differences 

On top of the considerations that you should take care of while expanding, is the culture of the target country. Consider researching the place’s history to avoid offending the locals in any way, either by your campaign or your product itself. Furthermore, some people are against certain kinds of marketing. For instance, they may despise flyers because they turn into wastes that pollute the environment. Others may be against billboards because they ruin the scenery while driving.  

Another cultural factor is the age of people who will be interested in your business. Before targeting a certain category, you need to know which type of media they use. Furthermore, different ages will have variable consideration, so after figuring out your target age, proceed accordingly. For example, some people prefer conducting business face-to-face, while others like to execute everything online to save time.  

Put a Marketing Strategy 

It is undeniable that marketing is the best way to gain visibility anywhere in the world. People won’t know about you without reading about you in magazines, on the internet, from billboards, or any other form of media. That being said, spending time on putting a solid marketing strategy will help you expand internationally and give you quicker exposure.  

Being creative in your marketing plan is what will set you apart from the competitors. Since you will be new to the market, you have to stand out. Consider going back to the basics and include press releases in your plan. Since most people think that a press release includes trustworthy and important information, press release strategists at recommend sharing a touching story about your business in it. Accordingly, the PR’s effectiveness will increase and attract more people to your business. They can also be a distribution outlet where you announce new products and get people hyped before you even launch your business. 

Use Social Media Platforms 

No matter where people live, most of them will have social media accounts that you log into almost daily. That’s why gaining international visibility through social media platforms is a must. However, you have to decide whether you will have one global account or several ones for each country you operate in. You should know that a separate account might be tedious, as you will have to gain followers from scratch. You will also need to hire multiple marketing teams that may cost you a fortune.  

In case you decide to have a joint account, make sure to avoid duplicate content by posting the same post in different languages. Instead, when you write a caption with a certain language, sponsor it in its target country to avoid confusion. Picking the right individuals to operate an international page is crucial because they will be the image of your business. You should also engage with your followers in their mother tongue to make them feel heard and understood.  

Market Using Different Languages 

Languages are the barrier between different countries and without learning them, communication would be impossible. That’s why you need to use a language that people will understand without having to go through the hassle of translating pages. That’s why you should market in English and in the language of the country you are targeting. When consumers partially understand what you are saying, their intellect gets challenged and they lose interest in your business. On the other hand, people appreciate it when you communicate using their mother tongue rather than picking the easy way. 

A huge mistake you should avoid is using any translation application. This is because they are inaccurate most of the time or the words look like they were written by a robot. Your sentences have to make sense to the locals, so you have to be familiar with the way they talk, not only the language they speak. 

Build an International Website 

By now, everyone has a clear idea of the importance of online marketing. The internet is the most popular way nowadays to reach anywhere in the world. That’s why building a website will help you reach the majority of people in the foreign market. However, your website has to be optimized in a way that will appeal to them and most people internationally. Even if you already have a website, you need to build one that speaks to your new target market.  

Web Design and Content 

Your web design must fit the preferences of the people living abroad. It must include familiar layouts, videos, and the way you represent your business on the website. You have to choose diverse designs and photos that different people can relate to abroad. Even the font you use in titles or paragraphs must be considered. This is because people react differently to your business if the design looks friendly but professional at the same time.  

User experience is crucial such as easy-to-navigate webpages, a mobile-friendly version, and an accessible search bar will make visitors come back more than once. Most parts of the world are still operating on 3G or lower, so you have to optimize the page to have an optimum speed. You can do that by removing any dead links, removing unnecessary pop-ups, and keeping animated advertisements to a minimum. You have to do your research and look at various websites to understand what is suitable for people on an international level.  

Content writing will always be essential because it is what attracts people to navigate more. Make sure that your blog is sweet, short, and engaging to drive the visitors to continue reading. They may even subscribe to your websites if you care more about benefiting them than selling your products.  

The colors you choose on your website should be appropriate for the people of the country. This is because people communicate through colors as well as words and different hues mean an array of things to them. You have to understand the concept of colors to your audience and which color attracts them the most. 


Search engine optimization is as important internationally as locally. However, it may take some more effort to make the engines aware of the kind of audience you are targeting. It won’t be enough to type in a certain language. The key to making the browsers recognize you as an international business is keyword guidance. Researching thoroughly the keywords that your target audience use will be highly beneficial. For instance, figure out whether people there use short or long words when they search for a certain product. Furthermore, look at your competitors’ webpages to see keyword placement.  

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