Gloomy Yellers Issue No.5: Whales And Pirates And Bunnies, Oh My!

This week in Gloomy Yellers you’re getting two new character introductions for the price of one – well, we gotta introduce the Yell! Magazine staffers before we tell you about one of our adventures on our time-traveling Ferris wheel. So, yeah, there’s Jim and he likes to spell like a Britt, which I have to lovingly convert to the far-superior American spelling. Seriously, who puts the ‘r’ before the ‘e’ in the word “center”? And that damn ‘u’ randomly appearing in words for fucktards’ sake. And you get to meet the illustrator of this wonderfully farcical composition, Abby. Apparently her parents adorned her room with reliefs depicting Moby Dick… or was it certain nautical scenes from Pinocchio. We should probably change her monicker to Abby “Ahab” Howard.

As usual, thanks to Abby Howard and TheMatt for documenting our insanity.


Gloomy Yellers! Issue No.5

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