Gloomy Yellers Issue No. 4: Sophisticated Games Of Superior Skill

Just to recap, last week you met the pink-paper-bag-toting NoFaceNorm and the week prior you met our resident vampire, Jamie Lee. As you have likely gathered, we at Yell! Magazine like to head hunt our staff from the local nuthouse in Togus. Split personality? Sure, we won’t discriminate. Unusually creepy fetish? Welcome aboard. Multiple restraining orders? welcome aboard. Necrophiliac tendencies? Here’s your keyboard and a slab.

We have a lot of downtime at our office, which is why we like to chain our staff to the walls (we’re currently looking into those electric dog collars), and when we have hours to toil away we like to play games. This week in Gloomy Yellers we’re giving you a sniper’s view into one such game we like to play. It’s pretty complicated so you better pay attention.

As usual, thanks to Abby Howard and TheMatt for documenting our insanity.

Yell! Magazine presents Gloomy Yellers Issue No.4

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