“The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung – Wrench Flex Series Performance MMA Shorts By Clinch Gear

"The Korean Zombie" Wrench Flex Series Performance MMA Shorts by Clinch Gear

"The Korean Zombie" Wrench Flex Series Performance MMA Shorts by Clinch Gear

At UFC 140, “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung proved to everyone that his striking power is just as effective as his ground game. This marked “The Korean Zombie’s” second exciting win in the UFC, the first one, a twister submission on Leonard Garcia, and the second most recent win this past Saturday at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, a knockout at 7 seconds flat (tying the UFC record for fastest win) on Mark “The Machine” Hominick. Which also earned “The Korean Zombie” a $75,000 bonus for Knockout of the Night honors.

UFC 140: "The Korean Zombie" vs. Mark Hominick

If Chan Sung Jung continues to be victorious like this in the Featherweight division, he could easily buy up the entire inventory at Clinch Gear, including these awesome Wrench Flex Series Performance MMA Shorts that he wore at UFC 140. With only a two fight win streak in the UFC, the question everyone is now wondering. Is Chan Sung Jung ready for a Featherweight title shot against José Aldo? Some folks, including us, are already speculating that it should be his next fight.

In the meantime, before the UFC officially announces his next opponent. Fighters, or just anyone in need of some quality MMA shorts. You should have a look into this bad boy by Clinch Gear.


About the MMA shorts

The new Flex Series Performance Board Shorts collection is a highly technical line of competition and training apparel. They feature two-way stretch fabric throughout the body and eight-way polyester expansion fabric on the Saddle Gusset inseams and Dual Lateral Flex Zones, which extend vertically along the entire length of each side. All fabrics contain moisture wicking properties so that sweat dissipates quickly to ensure that the shorts remain light and responsive.

For more detail on these MMA shorts, head on over to official site of Clinch Gear.

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