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Frozen (2010)

Adam Green's Frozen (2011)Adam Green, who brought us Hatchet and Hatchet II, gives us a chilling view on what can happen to you when you don’t pay full price for a pair of tickets at a ski resort in his suspenseful feature film Frozen. What happens? It’s simple, you get stranded on a chairlift and have to deal with life-or-death choices that prove to be more dangerous than freezing to death. When I first heard about this film back in 2010, I wasn’t going to consider picking it up, but after noticing the directors name in the credits, I gave it a try since I really enjoyed his previous gory kill-count escapade with Victor Crowley in Hatchet.

Adam Green's Frozen (2010)

The simple story, which I personally think is a perfect for Frozen, gave Adam Green the opportunity to work more closely with the actors to maximize there performance rather than focusing too much on blood and guts. Although some of his gory trademarks still remain, they are a little more subtle than his previous Friday The 13th-esque film. With that said, Emma Bell, who plays Parker O’Neil, brings a top-notch performance throughout Frozen, especially during the scene in which her boyfriend, Dan Walker (Kevin Zegers, another young star to look out for), gets shredded apart by a pack of hungry wolves. The scene is extremely terrifying, and one of the most suspenseful moments captured in the film, all courtesy of smart editing choices, and great sound design. Hearing those wolves howl after they finished off Dan leaves you in shock.

Frozen (2011) Wolves

Another twist Adam Green focused on was the boundaries of friendship between Parker and Joe Lynch (Dan’s best friend), which turns into a blame game on who caused what, and when. I found myself thinking up other moments where I couldn’t stand a friend when shit simply went downhill on trips because of stupid choices they made.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film, which was unexpected, and still today I always bring it up to all of my ski-goer friends. With winter coming up very soon, Frozen will definitely help reinforce all those dangers that could happen to you at the ski resort this year. With it being a fantastic suspenseful horror, it might actually be a life-saver. I highly recommend it.

Frozen (2010) Trailer

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