This Week In Gaming News – Halloween Edition

Here’s the top gaming news for the week of October 24, 2011, brought to you by Yell! Magazine


It’s been a slow news week because games have been coming out, and it’s Halloween! So here’s my list of zombie-filled, Halloween-appropriate games for those who would rather stay home with a warm Xbox and a bowl of fun-size candy bars.

Dead Island

Dead Island is probably the closest any of us will ever get to a real zombie apocalypse. I find myself spotting a zombie, approaching to attack, and then I get blindsided by another zombie. That’s how I would go. Outsmarted by a zombie. Not overwhelmed by a horde during my last stand, but snuck up on from behind like a sucker. I’m not very aware of my surroundings. I should work on that.

Resident Evil

The first Resident Evil game was the first video game to really scare me. I was 10. Nowadays, the only thing that scares me is when my girlfriend gives me the silent treatment. The Resident Evil series has become more about action, convoluted stories, and awful Milla Jovovich movies [Editor’s note: Milla isn’t all bad]. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They can still provide a good jump scare once in a while. Then again, if you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it all. Because scare me once shame on me, scare me twice shame on you.

The House of the Dead

I love cheesy horror, and light gun games. Plus, as a kid, there’s nothing scarier than a mom that’s pissed at you because you’ve spent all your money at the arcade. I used so many quarters back in the day shooting up zombies as “G.” But I don’t think I ever got passed the second or third level. Now I get to play it on my Wii, and to be honest, it’s not the same.

Dead Rising

The scariest thing about Dead Rising was never the zombies. It was always the crazy psychopaths that got to me. Because I can see that happening to people put into that kind of end-of-the-world scenario. Some people would crack, and start shooting everything that moves, be it zombie or human or everything in between. We would all like to think that we would be steely and stoic during a crisis of that magnitude, bBut the truth is, I’d probably be one of the first people to freak out, cover myself in roadkill, and be all Mad Max.

Left 4 Dead

I would be the worst teammate during a zombie outbreak. I’d leave people behind, hog all the ammo and supplies, and don’t get me started on friendly fire. Also, I’m no help when it comes to moving heavy objects like cars, I have no medical skills or survival training, and I tend to scare easily. Hell, I would be left for dead during a holiday blowout sale.

Plants vs. Zombies

Here’s a game I can relate to. It mixes my two passions in life, gardening, and keeping people off my lawn through Rube Goldberg-esque devices and mutated flora. Nothing says “king of my castle” like a row of nuts blocking my screen door.

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Angry Birds - Halloween

Angry Birds - Halloween

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