Strange Kids Club: Halloween Comix Anthology – Cover by David Hartman

Strange Kids Club is excited to announce its second issue of the Strange Kid Comix Anthology featuring a hauntingly awesome cover by David Hartman — character designer and Emmy Award-nominated director for shows like Transformers: Prime, MTV’s Spider-Man and Extreme Ghostbusters.

Cover art by David HartmanThe second issue of the indie anthology continues its tradition of combining immature, gross out humor with a crazy love for pop culture parody in a spine-chilling new series of stories by creators Aaron Klopp, Brian Fyffe, Christine Larsen, Craig Collins, Glen Brogan, German Orozco and more! Each short stars the club mascot; Strange Kid, a personification of prepubescent deviant behavior with a penchant for monsters, video games and generally causing as much Halloween-themed havoc to those around him as possible.

“This next issue of our SK Comix Anthology finds Strange Kid celebrating THE best holiday of the year: Halloween!” says Editor-in-Chief Rondal Scott. “We’ve got some killer (pun intended) stories this time around that pay homage to the horror genre spanning alien invaders and zombies apocalypses to the 1988 arcade classic Splatterhouse. We’ve even got some special monster masks that readers can cut out and wear!”

SK Comix Anthology #2 will be available for pre-order on September 26th exclusively through Strange Kids Club online shop at $6.99.

“Vibrantly illustrated by many of today’s top talents… artist interviews and gooey handfuls of dark humor help round out this release.” -Gary Pullin, (Rue Morgue) on SK Comix Anthology #1



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Strange Kid Comix Magazine - Issue #2

Strange Kids Club - Strange Kid Comix Magazine - Issue #2

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