Megadeth Reissue Their Masterpiece And Announce New Album


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Another week, another “peace” of Megadeth news – not that that’s a bad thing, since Megadeth has a special place reserved in the hearts of metalheads everywhere.

To celebrate its 25th birthday, Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying was reissued last week on July 12th. Available in a variety of configurations, we have to wonder if the reissue means that Megadeth is planning on performing the album in its entirety during the Mayhem Festival, in much the same way they played through Rust in Peace last summer. Another concert note to look forward to is the September 14th date at Yankee Stadium as Megadeth rips it up with the other members of the Big 4.

Yes, you read correctly: Megadeth will release its 13th album, TH1RT3EN, this fall on November 13th. The album title serves double duty (but not quite the same kind of double duty as a transvestite whore on Hollywood Blvd. pulls) as representing the band’s 13th album and Mustaine’s September 13th birthday. Although the first thing that came to mind when I heard the album title was the one titled TEN 13 by Sammy Hagar, which was also a nod to the respective frontman’s birthday, I’m sure Megadeth will do a far superior job than Hagar’s little bit of Juju.

What to expect on TH1RT3EN, which also sees Dave Ellefson on bass again? According to Mustaine: “There’s a title track… there’s ‘Sudden Death’ which was on the Guitar Hero game – that was extremely successful and garnered us another Grammy nomination. Then there was ‘Never Dead,’ which came out for the Konami video game Never Dead.”

These two songs sound like what Megadeth has released in the last few years, which is a happy departure from the ‘90s-era, but still doesn’t quench my thirst for songs like “Liar,” “Hook in Mouth,” or “Good Mourning/Black Friday.” Nonetheless, they sound aggressive and thrash like, which gives us hope that TH1RT3EN won’t also be a return to those “cryptic” ‘90s to coincide with the Ellefson return.

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