Green Lantern Corps. Overview Or, What The Heck Is A Kilowog?

Serious to a fault, grim and unwilling to bend when it comes to keeping peace in his sector, Sinestro’s downfall has already been considered as the main storyline for any future installments in the Green Lantern movie series. Fed up with the limitations imposed on him by the Green Lantern Corps. and its leaders, the Guardians Of The Universe, Sinestro overthrows the reigning government on his home planet of Korugar, sets himself up as overlord, and rules the planet with ruthless efficiency. Sure, crime is almost extinct on Korugar, but so are such small things as personal freedom and liberty.

Green Lantern (2011) - Sinestro

“Sinestro Corps Yearbook photo. Voted “most likely to commit planetary genocide.”

Sinestro is shown the door, forced to leave his beloved corps. in disgrace, but, like all good villains, vowing to return to show them the error of their ways. Years later, he does, forming his very own army: the Sinestro Corps., consisting of thousands of sadistic warriors, each one chosen for his or her ability to instill fear. While the Green Lanterns are fueled by the green light of willpower, Sinestro Corps.’ power rings are energized by the yellow light of fear, which the monster Parallax is an avatar of. With Parallax being the main villain in the upcoming movie, it’s no big leap in logic to assume that there’s a war looming for the inevitable sequel.

Kilowog (Michael Clarke Duncan)/The Green Lantern of Sector 674 (Bolovax)


Tomar-Re (Geoffrey Rush) / The Green Lantern of Sector 2813 (Xudar)

Green Lantern (2011) - Kilowog and Tomar-Re

Two of who will become Hal Jordan’s closest friends in the Green Lantern Corps., Kilowog and Tomar-Re are somewhat more accommodating when it comes to easing the newbie human into their fraternity. Both characters are full CGI creations in the movie, requiring only the appropriate voice actors to lend them some personality.

Michael Clarke Duncan voices Kilowog, the official trainer/drill sergeant of the Green Lanter Corps. Affectionately referring to all newbie members as “poozers,” slang for useless recruits, Kilowog’s sole mission is to save the life of each Green Lantern before they even see combat. He is fully dedicated to producing only the finest ring-slingers, every Lantern that falls in the line of duty is another painful reminder for Kilowog never to let his trainees forget one very important fact: the ring does not make one invulnerable and Lanterns die. Basic combat skills, strategic thinking, and sheer, bull-like determination are the traits one associates with his training methods. Kilowog loves the Green Lantern Corps. above everything else; he’d rather die himself than let one of his rookies go out into the universe without the skills required to survive its boundless dangers.

Tomar-Re’s personality is an extreme opposite to Kilowog’s. Tomar-Re is a somewhat more zen-like master of the power ring. While Kilowog teaches Hal Jordan the finer points of using a power ring offensively, Tomar-Re prefers to use the emerald light as a painter uses his brushes, to create constructs an artist could previously only picture in his mind’s eye. Re’s comic book counterpart is long gone, having died nearly 30 years ago in the mid-1980s. In a sequence of events similar to Hal Jordan’s origin, Tomar-Re passed his ring on to another earthman, architect John Stewart, (No relation to The Daily Show host) making him the second human Green Lantern. A possible plot point for the sequel, perhaps?

And then we have Parallax and the gravity-defying chest belonging to Blake Lively…

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