Top 5 Movie-Based Slots That Are Superior to the Source Material

Here’s a general rule of thumb you probably won’t need in your day-to-day life, but which is nevertheless true: Some brilliant casino games have been made from terrible elements of pop culture, whereas some poor casino games have been made from sources that are considered masterpieces.  

In fact, the source material that a slot game is based on can act as a kind of catalyst. If the game is good, then the theme can help it along for a rip-roaring gaming experience for players. If the game is fundamentally poor, then no amount of officially licensed imagery can save it. To underline that point, we have picked 5 slots that are much, much better than the movie source material. Spoiler alert: Recent DC Comics movies might feature heavily here:  

Green Lantern 

Everyone loves Ryan Reynolds, because, you know, Deadpool and the fact he owns Twitter at times. Yet, Green Lantern is pretty awful, a movie that the Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw called “Insipid”.  Anyway, the Green Lantern slot is a whole different ball game. It’s an innovative slot bursting, with special features, one that has an interconnected jackpot game tied in with other titles in the DC Comics Slots series.  

Suicide Squad  

A mess of a film – although it does have its defenders. The problem with Suicide Squad is that it almost seems like there is too much going on, a race to give each anti-hero some screen time, all at the expense of a decent plot. There is a lot going on in the casino game too – but that’s a good thing when we are dealing with slots. You can play it, as well as other DC games, at Mansion Casino, a PayPal casino, which lets you deposit money online and withdraw your winnings super-fast. Indeed, these DC games are among most popular titles found anywhere online. They tend to come out not long after the movies have been released, so expect exciting slots based on the likes of Shazam (2019) and The Flash in the future.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective  

Was Jim Carrey just ‘1990s funny’ or truly funny? Regardless, Ace Ventura has aged terribly, and it can be almost cringe-worthy when viewing with a modern mindset. The slot game, however, is one of the best around, full of innovative ways to win, including reel modifiers. Ace Ventura is also an interactive slot game, which means it records your progress over time, allowing you to unlock different special features. It’s officially-licensed merchandise too, meaning there is plenty of Carrey’s wonderfully elastic visage appearing on screen.  

Cowboys & Aliens
Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens  

It’s not fair to call Cowboys and Aliens a bad movie, but the Jon Favreau directed flick is not the most memorable movie of the last decade. To be fair, the Cowboys and Aliens slot is more based on the comic book than the movie, and it doesn’t have the stellar graphics of the games mentioned previously in this list. But the game packs a mighty punch. Highlights include the fun Alien Attack Bonus.  

Dirty Dancing 

Hmmm, what to say about the Dirty Dancing movie. It’s almost impossible to equate the late, great Patrick Swayze with a bad movie, but Dirty Dancing certainly has its critics. We will reserve judgement, but let’s just say the slot game really is something else. In terms of style, it’s full of the neon retro look that defined 80s culture. Fans of the movie can binge on the music and bonus games featuring real clips. It’s a blueprint of how to do a movie-based slot game correctly. Whisper it, but it’s probably the best games on this list. 

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