5 Most Wanted Fights In MMA

Anderson Silva vs. Jon  Jones

Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones

With all the top talent available within Zuffa’s grasp, high profile fights become more and more realistic. Here are a few at the top of the list of most wanted super fights in MMA.

Georges St-Pierre versus Nate Diaz

This seems like the perfect (and possibly final) welterweight fight for GSP. Nate Diaz just finished off Paul Daley in the first round, and is willing to go toe to toe with anyone. This should make it very hard for GSP to once again go the distance. Diaz is a BJJ demon off his back as well, which will help prevent GSP from any lay and pray style his fans might be tired of. This fight would clean out the division for Rush if he wins, and should provide the excitement that many fans have claimed to be missing in his last few fights.

Georges St-Pierre versus Anderson Silva

The dream match MMA fans have wanted for years has lost some steam due to the sudden and seemingly unstoppable emergence of Jon Jones. This fight would still be one of the biggest of all time if signed, and if I were Dana White or Joe Silva, it would be the one fight I would want to headline the next stadium event (someone’s got to headline Cowboys Stadium). It would be interesting to see if GSP would be able to use his dominant wrestling to take the bigger Silva down, or if Silva would be able to use his expert striking skills to neutralize and dominate the smaller GSP.

Anderson Silva versus Jon Jones

Many fans find Jones’ long, lanky body and giant wingspan to be a larger version of the Spider. Even more find Jones to be an unstoppable force in the UFC, similar to the way Silva entered the UFC years ago. Silva walks around with enough size that a trip up to the light heavyweight division would not be a problem, as he has proved with his easy KO’s over James Irvin and Forrest Griffin. The similarities of the two champion’s physical build, as well as the unpredictable and often lethal striking of both men, have many asking for this fight to happen.

Jon Jones versus Rashad Evans

Much has been made of the idea that Jon Jones somehow disrespected Evans by stating in an interview that he was willing to fight Evans if that was what the UFC wanted. Since then the two men have been arguing back and forth on Twitter and in interviews without either side taking a breath. Whether the fighters are trying to create hype for a fight, or the animosity between the two is real, a fight between them would be a real treat for fight fans. The fight would also put Jones to the test to see how he fares against a truly elite wrestler.

Jon Jones versus Cain Velasquez

Seeing Jones and Velasquez next to each other during interviews in Toronto at the UFC 129 fan expo makes it easy to see this fight happening in the future. Velasquez does not look much bigger then Bones when they are both at their natural weight, and if Jones can continue his impressive streak of dominating fighters in the light-heavyweight division, a move up in weight class might make sense for him.

At only 23 years old, it is easy to see Jones one day outgrowing the light-heavyweight division. If that day comes, it will be interesting to see how he handles being in the ring with elite fighters when he no longer looks to be a weight class ahead of his opponents. Both Shogun and Bader looked small in the ring next to Jones, and he handled them as if they were just that: small. A bout against a big, but not huge, heavyweight like Velasquez will test Jones in ways that no one in the light heavyweight division can.

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