Top 10 MMA Fighters 2011: Flyweight

No. 5 Ryuichi Miki

Miki got a 3rd opportunity to fight Mamoru Yamaguchi, but unfortunately came up short once again.

Ryuichi Miki pic

No. 4 Yuki Shojo

Shojo holds his place in the division with wins over Junya Kudo and Jesse Taitano.

Yuki Shojo pic

No. 3 Jussier da Silva (“Formiga”)

Formiga had amassed an 9-0 record and established himself as the top 125er in the world, that is, until his loss to underdog Ian McCall. Jussier da Silva drops a couple of spots as a result.

No. 2 Mamoru Yamaguchi (“Afro”)

He of the Afro recently won against rising star Fumihiro Kitahara to cement his position as one of the elite in Shooto’s 125 pound division.

No. 1 Yasuhiro Urushitani

The Shooto flyweight champion jumps into the #1 spot, having won the Shooto title by defeating Ryuichi Miki. He then won a non title fight against Takuya Mori.

Yasuhiro Urushitani pic


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