Top 10 MMA Fighters 2011: Flyweight

Top 10 MMA Flyweights

Top 10 MMA Flyweights

The lightest fighters of the bunch are also the only division currently not part of the UFC. However, the UFC’s future plans does include one day adding the Flyweight division to its line-up. Until then, you will just have to settle for Yasuhiro Urushitani in the Shooto MMA promotion. This list was put together by our friends over at Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section.

No. 10 Ian McCall

Coming off a submission victory over Jeff Willingham, Ian McCall, a heavy underdog, came in and defeated a top contender in Jussier da Silva, making a strong case for himself as a top Flyweight.

No. 9 Mitsuhisa Sunabe

Sunabe is a fighter who just can’t seem to put enough wins together to get to championship matches. A draw with Shimizu is not enough to move him higher.

No. 8 Kiyotaka Shimizu

Shimizu’s rubber match with Mitsuhisa Sunabe at Pancrase Passion Tour 11 ended in a draw.

Kiyotaka Shimizu pic

No. 7 Fumihiro Kitahara

Kitahara recently lost against Mamoru Yamaguchi, stopping his ascent to the top of the division. Previously, he was on a 5 fight win streak in Shooto.

No. 6 Alexis Villa

Villa is a rising star in the division, and it will be interesting to see how he does if he moves to Shooto to face the top 125ers in the world.

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