Psychosocial Baby: Slipknot vs. Justin Bieber

Less than a month ago, we featured a video compilation of Justin Bieber getting killed without any remorse whatsoever, that effectively used the shootout footage from CSI, which was aired on CBS. As much as we enjoyed the death of Bieber … I have to say, my stress level really dropped that week thanks to that video. So we encourage more of you to get creative, and put more of this shit together.

Now we would like to present you another interesting mashup of Slipknot (Psychosocial) and Bieber (Baby ft. Ludacris). Although we don’t see Bieber getting shot up or even Corey going Jeffrey Dahmer on the poor kid, but we do hear another perspective of the songs together. “Psychosocial Baby” is far from anything good, but the mix is well done and worth a look.

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