Sons of Anarchy: Season 3 Finale & Future Speculation

Spoiler Alert!
Sons of Anarchy Season 3 ended with the two main female characters reading letters. First was Tara, who discovered the envelopes placed in Jackson’s bag by Maureen just before the Sons left Ireland. Meant for Jackson to read, the letters were his father’s correspondence with Maureen just before his premature death. The letter that Tara read was basically John’s prediction that his death would come soon and be at the hands of his wife and best friend (i.e., Gemma and Clay).

The second letter reading was by Gemma. It was delivered to her by the club’s prospects on Jackson’s orders. From Jackson himself, it tells Gemma that she was kept in the dark about everything involving the club, himself, and Agent Stahl. It revealed that Jackson was never in bed with the ATF, that he would never be a rat, that both Stahl and Jimmy were dead, and that the club members picked up for the church incident would be doing short time.

So, as of the ending of Season 3 of the Sons of Anarchy, Jackson, Clay, Juice, Bobby, Tig, and Happy are all off to an arraignment to be charged with weapons offenses stemming from the set up at the church by the white supremacists (in Season 2). With the signed deal from Stahl they will serve three years with parole in 14 months.

Gemma is freed of all murder charges involved in the Polly Zobelle/Edmond Hayes shootings because Stahl lied to her superiors, stating that Amy Tyler confessed to her that Gemma shot Polly in self-defense.

Opie, Chibs, Piney, and Kozik, plus the two prospects are free of any entanglements. Chief Unser is now unemployed since Charming City Council voted unanimously to let the Sheriff’s department take over the policing duties of the town.

So what’s in store for Season 4 on the Sons of Anarchy? We will gaze into our crystal ball and give you some probable plot developments, some less likely scenarios, and finally some outrageous guesses (which is the whole fun of speculation during a show’s off-season).

The main plot developments for Sons of Anarchy, Season 4, will be four-fold. First will be Tara’s decision on what to do with John’s letters. Will she hide them until Jackson gets out of jail? Will she burn them? Or, will she confront Gemma on their contents?

The second development will be Tara’s birth of Jackson’s baby. The third will be the marriage of Opie and Lyla. The fourth will be Sam Crow’s expansion of its gun-running business due to its successful completion of Jimmy O’Phelan’s murder.

Now for some guesswork. We think Tara will hide the letters. We think that the boys will spend time in jail, and Clay will manage the gun-running business from a prison cell. When Jackson is paroled, Tara will show him John’s letters but it won’t come to much as Jackson, Gemma, and Clay are integral characters of the show.

On the Opie front, he will marry Lyla and bring her into the circle. With this trust given to her, she will decide to tell Opie about the abortion. He will overreact but will stay with her in the end.

Tara will have Jackson’s baby. She won’t revert back to her thinking previous to her kidnapping and have an abortion. Jackson will be upset that he is in jail during the birth, but he will suck it up.

Now for the fun part: pure speculation. We think that there is a rat in Sam Crow’s midst and it’s going to fuck up the gun running. We believe Kozak to be that guy. And we believe that there will be a confrontation between Kozak and Tig, as Tig’s distrust of Kozak will be what enables the club to find out about Kozak’s betrayal. By the end of Season 4 Kozak will be dead at the hands of Tig.

We also believe that Supervisor Margaret Murphy will fuck up Tara in some way. We first believed that it would happen when Margaret would be taking Tara home from the clinic after Tara’s abortion, but since the abortion didn’t happen due to Salazar and his girlfriend’s abduction of the women, we now think it will occur in Season 4.

Margaret’s light-speed change of face after Tara’s thrashing of her just doesn’t sit right. We believe Margaret will plot the death of Tara’s baby (another kidnapping would be stale). Jackson will somehow find out about the plot and make a daring escape from prison. Whether the baby lives or dies will be the subject of the finale.

Those are our predictions for Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy; what are yours? As always you may leave them in the comments section below.

Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Finale

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