Philm: Dave Lombardo Gets Behind Another Project

Philm is sonic no matter if you call it experimental post-hardcore, metal, psychedelic, funk-influenced, or jazz-influenced—it just rocks and they’re in the studio laying down tracks for their full-length debut with Blood Orange Records. The most recognizable member of Philm (which surprisingly formed in the mid-‘90s) is likely the man sitting behind the skins, Dave Lombardo of Slayer. The two other members of this power trio, Gerry Nestler (vocals, guitar) and Pancho Tomaselli (bass), herald from Civil Defiance and WAR, respectively.

While Lombardo has scaled down the size of his kit to a simple four piece, you still might expect Philm to sound more metal, more like Slayer. But they don’t. Philm’s sound is post something and it’s tough to describe, even for the members. Here’s what Lombardo has to say:

Philm shifts musically—it can be very intense at times, and then passive and soft, trance-like, then the rhythm shifts and swings as the music changes and molds itself into something people can dance to or bang their head to. I’ve seen the audience do both at our shows! In Slayer, I focus strictly on the guitar playing. In Philm, I’m thinking of the power trio. I’m focusing on the bass lines, and the guitars become more of a backdrop or texture of the songs.

While there’s no date yet on the prospective Philm album, there is a seven-inch that was released in 2010 floating around out there somewhere. When the album does drop, however, you can be sure that it’ll be powerful, fresh, challenging, and that Yell! Magazine will be there to cover it. Until then, check out the videos below.

Rock Hard!

Philm plays “Symptom of the Universe”

Philm plays “Vitriolize”


Credit: Philm

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