The Zombie Autopsies VR Miniseries In The Works

For those of you who read Steven C. Schlozman’s novel The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notes will be thrilled to hear that Blue Productions in partnership with Ovrture are now adapting a virtual reality series.

That’s right! According to VRFocus, both forces are actively developing The Zombie Autopsies VR miniseries, which will “follow multiple points-of-view around the world” during an apocalypse filled with flesh eaters.

44 Blue Productions President and Co-Founder Stephanie Drachkovitch mentioned interest in exploring subject matters that will resonate with today’s audiences in VR.

We are absolutely captivated by The Zombie Autopsies and know these subject matters will resonate with today’s modern audiences. The role culture, society and technology have on the evolution of madness in the human psyche is extremely timely, while virtual reality is primed for the next long-form thriller.

At the moment there’s no official release date or distribution platform for the VR miniseries yet, but we’ll make sure to keep Yellers in the loop when we get the scoop at a later date.

So stay tuned to Yell! Magazine for much more daily news in horror.

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