Eva Hamilton Interview For New Film, Death Kiss

Eva Hamilton (Ruin Me) stars in the Rene Perez-directed/-written action/revenge thriller, Death Kiss. The movie tells the story of a vigilante with a mysterious past who tries to rid a city of crime as he protects a young mother and her child. Just as the movie’s title and lead Robert Kovacs indicate, Death Kiss is a huge homage to the late Charles Bronson.

Death Kiss actress Eva Hamilton had never seen the Bronson films that Rene Perez’ action-thriller pays homage to. So, we’ve got an interview with her in which she talks about that and other details.


What a film!? You must be proud of it?
Thank you! I am, yeah. It was rad to be a part of.

I have to ask, when you first met “Bronzi,” were you in awe of how much he looked like you-know-who?
He looks even more like him in person. So yes. Although I didn’t know Bronson in real life and Bronzi is an amazing guy, so I’m partial to him.

Had you seen the films that Death Kiss is a homage to?
Ha. No, I was probably the only person in the group who hadn’t. I knew of Charles Bronson but I’d never seen them at that point.

Are you a fan of action films? What were some of your favorites growing up?
I’ve always been a fan of horror and I suppose my knowledge of action is primarily from that. Although I did like some classic old Westerns as a kid. I’m from Arizona. I love all the wild west/Tombstone stuff.

Did you do your own stunts in this?
Well, I shot my own giant gun. So yes. I am now very proud of my abilities and feel way more impressive than I actually am. I’m not a gun person.

Death Kiss_Key Art

What was your big break in this crazy game of acting? Did you find it relatively easy to break in?
I came from a theatre background and moved to LA to focus on film. You never necessarily know what will take you where, filmwise. My work in features over the last few years and also in VR have led me interesting places. Ruin Me (Shudder) definitely helped me break into the horror world.

You have to have a thick skin if you’re working in the business, one can imagine. How do you handle the ups, downs, rejections, and disparagement that the game brings?
I don’t have a great answer for that. You have to keep true to you and just keep doing that, whatever else is going on around you. You do have to have a thick skin.

How many other women were you up against for the part in Death Kiss?
I don’t know how many, exactly. (Producer) Jeff Miller suggested me to Rene for this part. Jeff and I had worked together earlier in the year on another of his films, Ouija House. Rene was looking at self-taped auditions and asked me to read for him. He got back to me almost right away and offered me the part.

How was it working with Rene Perez?
Rene is great and he’s total old school DIY/indie in his filmmaking. He knows what he wants and he gets it. It’s impressive.

Tell readers why they need to seek out your film! What will they get from it?
It’s fun. It’s a throwback. And it has style. Also they will get to witness a lot of blood and that’s always fun.

Death Kiss is available now on VOD from Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Xbox, Google Play, Fandango Now, Vubiquity, Dish Network, and Comcast EST.

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