CM Punk Confident On Win At UFC 203 In Cleveland, Ohio

UFC 203: CM Punk
UFC 203: CM Punk

CM Punk’s highly-anticipated UFC debut is coming up real soon MMA hounds. In fact, his first fight in the Octagon is scheduled for UFC 203 against up-and-comer Mickey Gall at welterweight.

For those still doubting his credibility in the UFC can now tune in on FOX Sports 1 to catch up on his MMA skills in a four part documentary titled The Evolution of Punk, which follows his journey and preparation for UFC 203.

However, Punk is pretty confident he is going to maul through his opponent and get a shot at a second fight in the UFC.

Punk said,

Honestly, there’s no assuming [I win]. I’m gonna win. I’ve never been more confident about something in my entire life. I’ll probably sit on the beach for a little bit. I’ll probably maybe take a little vacation with the wife but I’ll get bored real quick and I’ll just want to keep going. I’ll want to get the second fight as soon as I can.

Punk was expected to fight in 2015, but an injury forced him to reschedule his MMA debut in 2016. Punk will officially face Gall on September 10th in Cleveland, Ohio.

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