Black Coffee Release “I Barely Know Her” Video

Columbus, Ohio-based band Black Coffee is definitely playing a style of music that can be considered rock revivalist. For that, I wasn’t sure if I was going to report on them for you Yellers. However, once I heard the vocals in the chorus in “I Barely Know Her” it was almost certain that I would write something. Then I read the band’s quote about their approach to music and it’s a philosophy that all bands should take note of:

We are a band that write, record, and play like it’s 1972. This album represents what we believe is real, raw music. No click tracks, no triggers, and no pitch correction. Just a bunch of hippies in a room.

Amen! If you think of the classic rock tracks that have endured the test of time and have inspired and influenced every generation since, they all have mistakes and flaws, and those often make the nuances that we love and appreciate. Not everything has to be fixed in the studio.

Ok, now that the soapbox moment is done, Black Coffee has released the official music video “I Barely Know Her,” which you can catch right here on this page. The video was filmed at the Johnstown Opera House in Johnstown, Ohio, and was shot, directed, and produced by John Payne.

“I Barely Know Her” comes from Black Coffee’s debut album, Take One, which you can order here.


About Black Coffee:

Black Coffee formed in early 2017 after drummer Tommy McCullough introduced singer|bassist, Ehab Omran, to guitarist Justin Young. Within the first few days, these artists began songwriting and the chemistry was overwhelmingly apparent.

With the release of Black Coffee’s debut album, Take One, on April 21st, the Columbus, Ohio rockers definitely possess the sound, style, confidence and work ethic to drive this album’s success. The original single, “I Barely Know Her,” is already available on all streaming services, and its accompanying video debuts Friday, April 20th.

Fans can expect a diverse selection of original music. From the raw and dominant 1st single to the blistering, “Hurricane,” and funky, “Monica,” . . . along with otherworldly, “The Traveler,” and drive-with-the-top-down classic,“Born To Lie,” Take One proves to be one of the most exciting musical debut’s in modern history.

Black Coffee combines superb musicianship with a high-energy performance that is refreshingly both vintage and ground-breaking. This three-piece collaboration takes inspiration from classic rock bands of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, and fuses it with the root music of blues and rock n’ roll from the 40’s and 50’s. Dedicated to re-inventing modern rock music, Black Coffee parts the proverbial sea for the next generation of artists.

Rock Hard \m/

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